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Lipstick / Make Up


Lipstick is a product with a complicated formula that requires long processing times. The Madicos staff closely follows every detail of the casting phase, curating all of the necessary parameters in a highly qualified manner so that the product meets the criteria for application, duration, resistance to breakage, and maintenance of the structure.


In addition to color coordinating clothing with make-up, it is important that the lipstick adapts to the shape of the mouth.
the topic of lipstick choice is vast: from the range of colors to the effects on the lips, from the opacity of a matte finish to the sparkle of a gloss.

Full Lips:
Full lips need a matte lipstick in a rather intense shade, never shiny.

Irregular lips:
the secret is to use gloss in the center of the lips, concentrating on the less voluminous lip. Thin lips are enhanced with a glossy or ultra-bright lipstick. It perfects light shades that visually enlarge the lips. No opaque color lipsticks.

Wide Lips:
to reduce them you can trace the profile with a pencil remaining a little inside the natural line of the lip and apply a shiny lipstick in a light tone. Bright or dark shades are excessive and flashy.

Thin Lips:
before applying the lipstick you can slightly widen the outline of the lips with a flesh-colored pencil and go over the line with another pencil in the same shade as the lipstick.

Undefined Lips:
with a concealer of a lighter tone than the color of the face you have to hide the corners of the lips and then, with a pencil, redraw the outline as to create new higher angles. Yes to shiny lipsticks. No to bright colors.

Downward-turned Lips:
con un correttore di un tono più chiaro rispetto al colorito del viso bisogna nascondere gli angoli delle labbra e poi, con la matita, ridisegnare il contorno in modo da creare nuovi angoli più alti.Sì ai rossetti lucidi. No ai colori accesi.

Dry Lips:
Need an ultra-soft product with a strong moisturizing and nourishing component. Avoid very bright lipsticks that highlights the skin.


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